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Do you have Obsolete Electromechanical Relays?

In need of some equipment upgrades? inoLECT offers the complete Retrofit and Installation Package, customized to fit your facility's needs. Our highly trained and experienced engineers oversee your job from beginning to project completion and deliver an engineered product with all necessary documents and drawings. Our customers stay updated and informed about all work done, every step of the way.


- Our experts are trained on installation and testing of relays from all major brands. inoLECT specializes in Schweitzer relays and was a certified SEL Gold Expert, while the program existed.
- Our engineers are onsite to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.
- Assembly, wiring and testing is completed at our facility to reduce your downtime.
- We perform Startup Test Reports and Function Test Reports onsite for all protective relay functions.
- Comprehensive Job Books are written in plain english, and contain management summaries, text descriptions of relay operations, time current curves, setting sheets and all modified drawings.