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Do you need to Modernize, Expand or Upgrade?

Where do you start? inoLECT offers Conceptual Design services that incorporate all goals of the site, as well as any safety or reliability concerns that may exist, in an all inclusive package. We provide solid design options with clear-cut verbal descriptions, along with diagrams and drawings for all phases of the project. We'll show you available design options and present valuable information for determining the best solution for your facility.



- Clear, consise report including scope and goals
- Design solutions customized to your facility, with advantages and disadvantages of each, to aid in decision making
- Detailed drawings, illustrating the entire power system
- Per-item cost estimates, including installation and equipment
- Peace of Mind about your facility's upgrades

Contact us for more information about Conceptual Design Packages & we'll help to get you started down the path to a Safe, Efficient & Reliable Facility.