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inoLECT offers a comprehensive Arc Flash 101 course, with serves as an introduction to the hazards that exist surrounding arc flash and electrical shock. This course is beneficial to electricians, contractors, operators, safety and maintenance personnel, and anyone who works on or around energized equipment.

The 30 minute course is available online and can be taken at your convenience, any time of day. It’s also mobile-device friendly. The corresponding Quiz covers material from the course and awards certificates of completion to those that pass.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Define Arc Flash
  • Identify causes of an Arc Flash
  • Define Incident Energy
  • Define a calorie
  • Define working distance
  • Identify primary factors that determine incident energy
  • Identify hazards associated with an arc flash
  • Identify employer/employee responsibilities regarding arc flash
  • & much more

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